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Each of my pieces are carefully orchestrated to showcase the beauty and sparkle of the Crystal itself.

I combine Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver and Gem Stones in many different  colors, shapes and styles to meet your specific individual taste. Silver plate, brass and copper designs also available.

There are hundreds of beautiful colors to choose from and most designs can be made in your specially requested color OR matched to a specific swatch of material for your special day or evening out.

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If someone had told me that one day I would be a Jewelry Designer, I would have thought they had too much to drink…..however, here I am, after 30 plus years in Corporate America doing what so many people have had to do in this tough economy….RE-INVENT themselves.  

Although I have ALWAYS had an extreme interest in fashion and SOMETIMES Jewelry, I had no idea that designing and actually making each piece of jewelry would one day become my greatest joy.  

I often dabbled in interior decorating because my true passion was to be able to create something beautiful…something that can be seen and admired…something I could be proud to call my own.  

                                    Well, it sure proves two things….”Life is                                     full of surprises” and “Change is Good”.                                     I now spend most of my time doing                                     what I love the most….making Jewelry                                     and sharing my home by the beach with                                     my wonderful friends and family.

                                    After 30 years of trying to please                                     everyone else, it is finally time for me.                                     That is the best thing that could ever                                     happen to anyone.

                                    Lynne Gioe

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